Monsoon season is loved by most of the people, but it also ruins many plans when you want to go outside your home. The winter season starts in July and ends in September. The temperature ranges from 17-22 degrees. This is the ideal environment to enjoy if you find it by getting wet in rain.

Sikkim local tour operators also offer a heavy discount to the tourist. You can enjoy the dense forest, water-filled lakes, and the bright side of waterfalls during this time. Tourists can also sight the rare species of birds in monsoon. If you want to enjoy your trip with peace and calmness, then it is the right time for you, because very fewer travelers visit during monsoon time. 

We provide all Sikkim tourism information in our packages, the dedicated guide describes the significance of every place during visits. The price goes down during monsoon season; it is the best time for budget-conscious travelers. The price of hotels, resorts, taxis goes below in the comparison of summer and winter season.

Sikkim tourist guide provides information to visit all the important places of Sikkim in your desired time. You can enjoy every destination but, you need to pray no landslides takes place during your visit.