Sikkim is a very famous state in between the tourist. It is a very beautiful place with rich vegetation, scenic beauty, and natural exquisiteness. To maintain the beauty and attractiveness of this Sikkim tourism place we need to follow some guidelines.

The Do’s 

  • Ask before clicking pictures
  • Hire a guide while traveling
  • Avoid spitting and put garbage in the dustbin to maintain cleanliness in Sikkim tourist spots never put polythene and other pollutants in lakes or river
  • Dress according to your surrounding environment.
  • Keep all your id’s with you while traveling
  • Drink water continuously at the time of trekking.
  • Take permission while visiting a restricted area


  • Don’t disturb the animals while visiting wildlife sanctuaries
  • Don’t buy products made up from endangered species
  • Don’t drink and smoke in public places
  • Don’t play loud music in the forest
  • Don’t swim in the lake and rivers without permission
  • Plucking of flowers and plants are not allowed.

Sikkim tourist government is very strict in following the rules and regulations. They will see you through spy cams and with the help of guards. Please follow the rules to avoid any hindrances.